SPOT A VEGAN goes Bali!!

YES! Spot a Vegan goes to Indonesia! And I bring to you cool hotspots, tasty recipes and much more straight from Bali! 

After spending a half year in the Philippines a few years ago, I knew that to pack my bags and move to another country was not that difficult for me as I thought before. Although I missed my friends and family, it was amazing to be part of another culture and explore vegan-friendly hotspots in other countries. And I loved the stories of locals passionately fostering their cooking traditions. Therefore, after I graduated last summer, I decided to move to Indonesia for a couple of months! And here I am!

I let Indonesia’s beautiful culture and nature inspire me while working on this Spot a Vegan blog, on which you will not only find the most delicious vegan recipes but also nice hotspots and tips for a long and happy vegan life.

“Since it takes a while before I capture the perfect food photo, most of my dinners are cold before I even start” – Charlie, Spot a Vegan

Whenever I travel, my favourite thing to do is finding hidden gems and unique experiences. In collaboration with GEMTRACK, an amazing travel platform, I will share stories about my favourite pass times in Bali and Lombok: eat (especially eat!), surf, dive, and practice yoga. Somewhere a bit off the beaten path, where it makes more sense not to plan an itinerary. You can follow my travel gems worth sharing on their Instagram and Facebook.

“My Favourite travel moment? I saw the most amazing sunrise at the Mount Bromo before hiking all the way up to this volcano to look into its spectacular crater” – Charlie, Spot a Vegan

Hopefully you enjoy reading my blog post just as much as I enjoy writing them. I am really curious about who you are and what you think. You can follow me on:




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