Where to Practice Yoga in Bali

As a yogi in Bali you do not fall short of opportunities to stretch body and mind. These yoga studios are worth the visit.

“The yogi believes that every creature has as much right to live as he has.” 

“A vegetarian diet is a necessity for the practice of yoga”

B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Yoga (2017, pp. 12-13)

Of course I have not visited every yoga studio in Bali. At least, not yet ;-). But some of the ones I did visit are worth sharing with you. I know I am going to visit more beautiful yoga studios during my stay in Bali, so this blog will be updated every now and then. Follow me on Instagram @SpotaVegan for updates!

  • Desa Seni: Desa Seni is one of the best places to practice yoga in Canggu. The outdoor yoga studio is set in a beautifully tranquil garden, perfect to focus on your practice. No matter how experienced you are, the teachers offer sequences that fit your level and help you get into them. At Desa Seni it is easy to stay for hours, days or even weeks, since it also offers personal yoga retreats, a holistic spa, an organic food restaurant, yoga teacher trainings and a swim in its amazing pool.
  • Yoga Barn: This place is located in Ubud and is a gem in a sacred paradise. Although the Yoga Barn area is very large with different studios and workshops areas, the atmosphere is just perfect since the place is surrounded by rice field and nature – the studios are very pretty with its temple and jungle vibe. The Yoga Barn has amazing teachers and a ton of classes to offer. I love the flexibility of the yoga & meditation classes and events they organise, and almost felt like I lived here with my three to four classes a day 😉 Should you consider to eat here, this place has a nice cafe that offers large varieties of healthy food.
  • Ubud Yoga House: What could be better than an early morning walk through the rice fields to get to Ubud Yoga House? You’re in a state of calm before you even reach this wonderful place. The studio is outdoors so you can close your eyes and just listen to the sounds of nature. The natural surroundings, small classes and personal touches along with the teachers’ positive energy, individual delivery and passion for yoga pulls me back to this studio again and again. I definitely recommend anyone from beginner to experienced to visit Ubud Yoga House, you will not be disappointed!

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Xx Charlie




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