Must Visit in West Bali

Although I visited Java and Bali a few times before, I’ve never been to such a gorgeous place as Sumberkima Hill Retreat. This resort in West Bali is not only good for your own body and soul, the people there also do amazing things for mother nature. In this blog post I’ll describe why you should visit this wonderful gem. Sumberkima Hill Retreat will make your vegan heart race!

The Resort and its Surroundings

From workaholics to yoga-lovers, the beautiful setting of the Sumberkima Hill Retreat in the North West of Bali has become the perfect spot for everyone who wants to experience the other side of Bali. Here, you trade mega-resorts and flashy nightclubs for private hillside villas with your own infinity pool (!) and a spectacular sea view. This is the perfect place to wind down and restore your batteries.

What I love most about this place is the atmosphere; being surrounded by quiet noises coming from the unspoiled nature. Everywhere around the accommodation, you see flowering trees, exotic plants and beautiful pink blossom. The stunning sunrise and sunset views and infinity pools make this place even more picture perfect. I do not exaggerate if I say that I’ve never experienced something like this before. Here it is guaranteed you will create beautiful memories!



Vegan Food

What I love about Sumberkima Hill is that this place super vegan-friendly! In its very own Suma Restaurant you can eat fresh and organic meals. Besides the vegan options on the menu, you can also ask the cook to prepare vegan versions of non-vegan dishes. All of them are super tasty. And did I already mention that Sumberkima Hill is working on opening a second restaurant in the summer of 2018 that will be 100% plant-based?

Sustainability Activities – Reef Restoration Project

In and around the Sumberkima Hill Retreat are plenty of activities. You can take a boat trip around the bays in the area, visit some of the oldest temples in Bali or the beautiful Aling-Aling waterfalls, practice yoga guided by the retreat’s own yoga teacher, have a relaxing massage or go on a jungle tour. There is especially one sustainable activity my friend and I did here, that I would like to highlight: a kayaking & snorkeling trip towards a mangrove forest and Sumberkima Hill’s Reef Restoration Project.

While we were kayaking, Bernard made this beautiful photo of us

The Reef Restoration Project is an initiative of the owners of the resort, Jane and Bernard. With this project they address climate change, which is an enormous threat to marine ecosystems and has a devastating impact on coral reefs – many of them are destroyed by ocean warming and coral bleaching events 😦 This project restores damaged coral reefs by growing different coral species in nurseries and transplanting them onto degraded sites.

What makes the activity extra nice is that Jane and Bernard, with the help of locals, are installing an artificial reef park, also known as ‘€œunderwater art gallery’€. It was so amazing to view art while snorkeling among the marine life! One of the artworks that you can already view underwater consists of twelve huge concrete sea turtles (on which new coral species are planted) that are set up as an analog clock. The hands of the clock are at 11:55. In the Netherlands we use the proverb “Het is vijf voor twaalf” (it is five to twelve), which means that it is almost too late. And that is what I admire most about this project, it made me as a visitor realize even more that we have to stop global warming before it is too late!


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